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Similar to the program in Alta Lisbon, the judo project in Olaias (Qunita do Lavrado) hopes:


- prevent delinquent behaviour, by the regular practice of sport.

- stimulate the continuing of the child / young person at school.

- foster the interaction of children from different social groups, through tournaments, time together, outings.

- promote social inclusion of children and young people through the transmission of values intrinsic to judo.


This new project of the Judo Club of Lisbon had it's start in September 2010, and has, at this moment, 96 athletes praticing judo in the are. Monthly fees for each athlete are between €4 and €7.50.


Judo classes are daily and are taught at:


School facilities of Olaias (72 athletes)

- E.B. 1 / J. I. Engº Duarte Pacheco


Creche Missão N. Sra. da Santa Casa da Misericóridia de Lisboa (24 atletas)

Coach to contact: Diogo César | 914 617 164 | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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