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Who are we?



The Centre of Culture and Sport –Judo Club of Lisbon was formed in 1999 by a group of parents, who took on the training of students who attended judo classes run by INATEL.



The main idea behind the creation of the Club was to permit the athletes to take part in the federated sport, participating in the District and National Championships, and if selected, to be part of the national team.


With the effort of the athletes, and the good intentions of the coaches, the results we have achieved have been at the highest levels.


We consider, on large, JCL will be the Club in Portugal with the best results in the junior groupings (Benjamins and Juniors), and looking forward, with other factors, equal or better results can be reached. Although our focus, as parents and trainers, is the development of youth and their preparation for adult life, our results that we have obtained are an encouragement, and we are pleased the spirit friendship and camaraderie in between all who integrate into this group.


trofeu2005 – Winning the prize of Recognition of Merit by Sport Institution of Portugal "Youth in Sport" – a honour for all.


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